InsightsDoT Technologies Cloud

Infrastructure As A Seivice.

The cloud is changing the way organisations approach their IT infrastructure, turning capital expenditure into an operational cost. InsightsDoT Technologies hosts servers and storage for clients who no longer have to buy hardware outright. This cloud technology changes way in which organisations approach their IT infrastructure, turning capital into an operational cost

InsightsDoT Technologies Solutions helps businesses who want cloud benefits without having to abandon their IT investments and others looking to take the first tentative steps to align their infrastructure to the new delivery model. We offer a combination of IT services that generate a dedicated, resilient IT environment easy to tune according to changing enterprise and individual need within our secure data centres.  

InsightsDoT Technologies has specific software competencies that play an important role in the cloud:

Through Icatrax’ IaaS, we are able to provide you a full set of on-demand infrastructure components that is wholly monitored and managed 24/7by our expert team. These include: global networks, internet access, firewalling, mail/web/ data security and secure user access

Class of Service

  • Totally 99.9% (SLA-backed)
  • Worldwide Availability
  • Support from business hours to 24/7 on our IaaS solution that is fully designed, configured, deployed and managed by our expert team
  • Agility and Flexibility: with IaaS new systems can be made instantly available to your organization every level with zero capital expenditure
  • Totally Elastic: you can scale up and down your use of resources easily and smoothly because of the ability to dynamically access third party computing resources when you need them.

We partner with other leading providers of cloud technology so we can deliver best-of-breed solutions to match your needs providing great to help you plan and manage your Infrastructure-as-a-Service projects.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us click on the contact us button at the right hand side to arrange for one of our team to contact you.

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