GeoSpatial Services

We offer a range of spatial analysis to meet specific client project requirements

We are an Ordnance Survey UK partner. At InsightsDoT, we offer a unique set of capabilities for applying location-based analytics to business practices, to help your organisation to gain greater insights using contextual tools to visualize and analyse your data and share your insights via maps, desktop and mobile apps, and reports.

There is an invisible layer of data over every city. For many years, sensors have been used to collect data about our environment. Yet complex global systems such as deforestation, water cycles, agriculture, natural disasters and many others, affect billions but are still poorly understood. Not only are these global systems critical to understand for the good of humanity, but they are also important for businesses to survive as they respond to, and make an effort to prosper in an ever-changing environment.

We see an exponential rise in the number of real-world sensors, producing evermore data. Combining multiple sources provides a far richer View than that of any single data source. To harness this power and enable global-scale computation, it's necessary to have a data refinery that combines data from diverse sources, cleans it up and makes it ready for modelling and visualisation - and a platform to upon which to build a living, learning models. That is exactly what we do at InsightsDoT Technologies.

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