Application Development

E-Learning Software Development

Icatrax Solutions have enough resources to develop educational software of any scope and size. Our designers, software developers, translators, engineers and domain experts have a solid experience in custom content development, learning management system implementation, instructional design, integration support and more

Elearning Software

We provide E-learning software development services for:
  • Educational institutions: Interactive training courses, learning management systems, computer-based training systems.
  • Commercial organizations: Valuable solutions for rapid training or retraining of employees, preparation of analytical reviews, information-reference systems and trends of product or technology evolution.
  • Trade companies: Educational programs, training, and online manuals for sales agents.
  • Sport organizations and communities: Easy-to-use solutions for coaching, networking, sharing experience and news about sport events and athletes; a centralized storage of videos, coaching sessions; online video coaching tools and other resources; support of reports in the HTML format, role- and group-based access.
  • Research institutions: Knowledge-based, computer-aided systems for analysing challenging problems and applying inventive rules, trends, strategies and a number of other tools for the problem solution.


Following are just some of the benefits you derive when you work with us:

  • Consultancy and Outsourcing

    Always finding the right solution.

  • People

    • Highly professional team with a rich experience in e-learning software development
    • Dedicated and responsible

    Development, technologies, cost

    • Short development time, in-time delivery, reasonable costs
    • A complete set of services: requirements management, system design and development, testing, technical support and maintenance
    • Leading interactive and multimedia technologies, including graphics, animated explanations, tutorials, etc.
    • Long-term maintenance of our solutions. The customers have the opportunity to get new versions of the applications we create and renovate the system with new features and updated content.

    Software solutions

    • Highly professional team with a rich experience in e-learning software development
    • Cross-platform solutions (Windows, Unix, MacOS, etc.)
    • Transfer of the e-learning applications to mobile platforms
    • User-friendly interface and rich functionality
    • Easy customization and integration processes

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