IT Managed Support


Web servers are moving to the cloud, and databases are moving with them. With a global user base, a demand for high-performance applications, DBAs have their hands full.

Whether you’re creating a brand new app, or moving a legacy workload to Tier 3, we have the skills and experience to make your Microsoft SQL deployment more successful. Our team of experienced database administrators will help turbo-charge your database apps in the cloud making optimization and tuning an easy job.

We can reduce the on-going administrative burden and maximize your SQL investments with a predictable monthly operating expense and beyond the basic server monitoring and system patching provided by a typical managed services provider.

Our expert team can monitor your infrastructure remotely at affordable prices. You won’t need to invest in a new server to run a new database. We host databases and entire application platforms in our data centre facility, turning infrastructure into an operational expense that can be scaled up or down as required.

You are guaranteed access to our team for all supported Microsoft technologies, deploy a new technology and covered under a single contract with a single monthly invoice..

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